• Best Foot Forward

    Best Foot Forward

    She’s famous for playing Manolo-crazy Carrie Bradshaw, but Sarah Jessica Parker’s passion for cool kicks started long before that. “Growing up in Ohio, my brothers and sisters and I would make a special trip twice a year to buy new shoes,” she recalls. “Our parents taught us to polish them every Sunday, which was probably the gateway to my obsession.” That serious love led...
  • SJP Forever

    SJP Forever

    You’ve always been a shoe lover. What’s been the hardest part about being on the design side? SJP: When we started, I wanted to treat color as a neutral, and people really don’t want to do it. They say, ‘We love the shoe… in black and brown.’ But why would a purple shoe make your brain work less well than a black pump? It’s...
  • SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

    SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

    LB: Do people expect anything different
 now from your style than they used to? SJP: I dress based on what I have. I’m not a
huge shopper, but I love beautiful things.
To be able to borrow them is ridiculously
fortunate, and I enjoy every second of that.
I have a pretty standard wardrobe, though
I’ve got wonderful shoes. That’s more so
the case now. I genuinely don’t know what
  • Sarah Jessica Parker, Shoe Dog

    Sarah Jessica Parker, Shoe Dog

    It was a bright, seasonably cool Sunday afternoon, and as the light poured in through the windows of Sarah Jessica Parker’s newly opened shoe boutique at the South Street Seaport, so did the crowds. They were drawn to the candy-colored stilettos on display, and then found themselves in utter rapture upon seeing the star herself. “I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to take pictures,” said...
  • SJP Owns It

    SJP Owns It

    Power. By definition, it is the capacity to direct the behavior of others. Which is exactly what Sarah Jessica Parker has done over the course of her hotly influential and diverse career. First, by inviting women to live vicariously through her glamorous characters (most notably Carrie Bradshaw), those dream shoes and all. And now, she continues to enable footwear fantasies with her eponymous SJP...
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